Celebrities & Derby Fashion

Throughout the history of the Kentucky Derby, the race has had a special appeal to the celebrity set. The rich and famous that mingle among the Derby Day crowd add a unique dimension to the spectacle of the “Run for the Roses.”

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  • Best accessory: The former MTV host posed with her handsome husband Nick Lachey, who looke...
  • She is one of the best-dressed of this whole thing. He looks like he raided Tom Brady's closet. But he's so attractive he can pretty much get away with anything.
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  • Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, 11, Beams at the Kentucky Derby
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  • What a beautiful girl she has become. I know Anna Nicole Smith is watching over her, so proud. Beautiful and looking just like her dad.
  • may 06, 2015 Kentucky Derby
  • Cute couple alert! The Lachey's hit the Kentucky Derby!
  • This is Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, now. Dannielyn, she's 7 or 8 I think.

Credit: Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.ca/janisrm/celebrities-at-the-derby/)